Biodegradable 4oz Water Cooler Cones & Cone Dispenser

4oz Biodegradable Water Cooler Paper Cones
4oz Biodegradable Water Cooler Paper Cones

Water Cooler Cones

At £59.95 per case of 5000 these make an ideal product for dispensing water from a water cooler. Whether you own a gym, work at a doctor’s surgery, or even just in an office environment, these eco-friendly and cost effective paper cones are a perfect way to help everyone stay hydrated, and unlike paper cups they cannot be left lying around once used. There is also no plastic lining in the make up of the cones, so environmentally they are ahead of plastic cups that are more commonly used. Unlike plastic bottles or plastic cups cups you don’t need to worry about where your waste ends up as once you’ve have used them they can go into the green bin for composting.

Cone Dispenser

Our cone dispenser is made in such a way that it can be either glued or screwed on to your existing water cooler, or an adjacent wall. It is supplied with a removable fixing kit that allows you to take it apart to clean it if that is required. The tube can hold up to 200 cones at any time.