Biodegradable/Compostable Single Wall Cups

Compostable Single Wall Cups

To make a disposable cup biodegradable or Compostable Single Wall Cups the design and manufacturing process for these disposable cups  must comply with the EU standard EN13432. If you do not have the EN13432 certificate you can call it biodegradable and if you have the EN13432 certificate you can then call it compostable. This ensures that the disposable Compostable Single Wall Cupswhen disposed of in the correct manner, i.e. in the “green” bin, do not end up in the landfill.  These cups we currently sell are made using normal cup board, which is derived from wood pulp, but are lined with a plastic free substance called poly lactic acid, PLA for short. PLA is derived from corn starch a natural product

Coming soon we are replacing these with bamboo cups, which are also biodegradable and tests are on going to achieve the EN13432 standard .  Added to this as bamboo is a fast growing sustainable crop no trees will be cut down to make these cups.